ANOVA files U.S. Provisional Patent Application

October 1, 2009

On 10/1/09 ANOVA filed U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 61/247,775 for "METHODS AND SYSTEMS, AND COMPUTER READABLE MEDIA FOR IMPLEMENTING RECIPROCAL EXCHANGE DEPOSIT PROGRAM" filed 10/1/09 as Continuation-in-part of 10/645,778.

This application was submitted for consideration of patent protection for ANOVA® Reciprocal Exchange Deposit Program®.

ANOVA has a network of Risk Category I insured depository institutions that would like to participate in a Reciprocal Exchange Deposit Program ("REDP®") such that deposits received through this REDP program are exempt from the "brokered deposit adjustment" as defined in the March 4, 2009 FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 12 CFR Part 327 RIN 3064–AD35 Assessments.

With a favorable opinion this will greatly enhance ANOVA’s offering to its network of community banks.


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