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November 2018


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FinistarFunds Insured Deposits
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* Annual Percentage Yield as of the posted month, $250,000 initial minimum deposit. Interest accrued daily and credited monthly. APY assumes interest will remain on deposit for 12 months. Rates subject to change.

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Finistar's patent-pending business method targets the three essentials of investment management (Security, Liquidity and Rate of Return) and delivers superior results on all three fronts by:

  • Security: Fully insuring (FDIC) both principal and earnings on cash deposits over $100,000.
  • Daily liquidity: no associated terms, penalties, or time commitments.
  • Rates: Enhanced guaranteed rate of return - Rates are set monthly and are net all fees. There are no hidden costs.
  • Economic development: Funds stay in the state of origin on a preferred basis therefore strengthening local economies through access to loans via community banks.
  • Third Party Custodial & Fiduciary Services: State Street Corporation and Gateway Bank & Trust Company, Inc. provide 3rd party custodial and fiduciary services for all deposit accounts insuring the highest level of security.

Finistar is being used by local governments, public authorities, school districts, corporations, non-profits, high net worth individuals, and even banks with excess cash who are now depositors through the Finistar business solution. What makes Finistar unique is its combination of simplicity, technology, and ease of use which enables Finistar to aggregate deposits through a Custodian and provide these cash deposits to the over 7500 community banks throughout the nation.

The essence of Finistar's business model is through our proprietary software the deposits are parsed out to participating banks in $98,000 allotments therefore protecting the depositor's funds through FDIC insurance. Because we aggregate these deposits from many sources Finistar can provide our depositor clients' far higher interest rates than they would otherwise receive from a conventional bank deposit (usually 2-3% higher interest).

Finistar has been reviewed by the FDIC for pass-through insurance, and the Federal Reserve for use by its member banks. Finistar has received S&P's highest rating for cash management solutions based on our combination of insurance and liquidity. A deposit through the Finistar network of community banks is an insured deposit - since 1934 when the FDIC was formed nobody has ever lost $1 of FDIC insured funds.

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