FinistarFunds - Innovative Leader in Insured Deposits

Finistar, an ANOVA® Financial Corporation product for North Carolina Local Goverments, Insured Deposits provide cash-like liquidity, competitive rates and the security of FDIC insurance on 100% of the principal and interest for cash deposits over $250,000. Finistar offers high yield accounts that withstand comparative analysis providing solid performance for our depositors. Institutional Investors, High-net Worth Individuals, and Corporations should visit the ANOVA® Financial Website to learn more.

Features and Benefits

SecurityDeposits are FDIC insured
RiskNo market risk - par value (dollar in/dollar out)
ReturnDepositors receive a fixed rate of return; interest rate is set each month
InterestInterest is accrued daily and payable monthly
LiquidityDepositor funds are available when they need them
YieldsCompelling when compared to other short term investment opportunities
PoliticalLocal Government funds are retained in the state of origin or as required by law
Ease of UseSimplicity and security through standard internet technology

Get the edge in the competitive investing environment. Solid performance with Liquidity, Security, and Insured Deposits. To make Finistar part of your portfolio, Click Here or call 877.346.4782 to speak with a Finistar representative.

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"Finistar has become a welcome extension of our cash management program. Along with providing a high yield on our investments, I rest assured because the funds are liquid and 100% FDIC insured. If you are looking for a financially sound investment, Finistar more than meets that need."

Ken Chavious
Finance Director
Orange County